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At the end of 1915, the Oryol revolutionaries had the idea to enter The composition of the legal “Society of intelligent entertainment”, bringing together around him its activities. They succeeded in the beginning of 1916. Society suited amateur dramatic performances, vocal and musical evenings, and in mid-February, a lecture was given by an employee of the “Russian Vedomosti ”E.D. Lumps “Iskachi and pushers” about the high cost of life. Summer 1916 The Society rented a city garden, to the pleasure of intellectuals replacing the military brass band with symphonic string21. No more activity “Society of reasonable entertainment” itself manifested22. The other side of the group was the exchange of literature revolutionary content. In September 1914, Musatov was received

19 Ibid. L. 25. The protocol of interrogation of the witness. 27/12 1914. 20 Musatov, I.D. Us.soch. P.86. 21The same. P.92. 22 GARF, f.102, OO, op.245, d.167, p.54, l.8. Report on the political situation and the state of affairs in Oryol provinces to 05.01. 1916 proclamation from the Kharkov group of Socialist Revolutionaries, and in October a handwritten copy Vandervelde’s letters about the war and a copy of the SR proclamation on Ukrainian language. A small number of proclamations received and Maximov. A turnout from Moscow in the fall of 1914 came to the painter Timofey Sapronov from the Union of Builders. As a staunch anti-militarist, he evaded mobilization. Sapronov brought a small number of anti-war leaflets of the Moscow Bolshevik organization. Mary kashmenskaya maintained the closest relationship with members of the United Group and in the time of their visits, the Eagle brought some illegal literature. There were plans to get revolutionary literature from Kharkov, where there worked an illegal Social Revolutionary printing house, and start, Finally, advocacy. These plans were destroyed in germ liquidation of the Kharkov group. Activities Orlovsky circle the conspiracy was stalled. In April 1915, through Uvarov and Kashmenskaya received a certain amount of illegal literature.

Shortly afterwards, members of the circle were searched. By order the chief of the Provincial Gendarme Department the most active members of the United Group are Musatov, Maksimov, Kashmenskaya and Kossova were arrested. Nothing wrong with searching it was not found, so after ten days the girls were released on freedom, taking into account the fact that although they were uniquely unfavorable information, but Maria Kashmenskaya, in view of her recent arrival in the Eagle did not show any active activity. It was The difficult financial situation of Fani Kossova, which after conscription brothers to the army was to provide parents, engaged in bread baking. Musatov and Maximov’s arrest was extended to one of the month. At the end of the consideration of the case, his assistant the head of the gendarme office requested immediate expulsion Musatov and Maximov with the prohibition of his residence within the province