What does relevant coursework mean

Ivan Zakharov attempted to get a job at the Kursk Depot Moscow-Kursk railway to guarantee themselves from conscription. He was refused due to receipt of the Oryol gendarme police

adverse information. Talking about it working with him in the factory Khrushchev, Zakharov showed extreme bitterness against the officials gendarme surveillance 15. Members of the United Group tried to connect with political prisoners in the Oryol correctional prison Branch and in the Oryol convict prison. Relationship with the Oryol Province the prison was kept through the prison priest Fr. Boris Igritsky still with since the conclusion of Musatov, held in the case of the Oryol organization RSDLP 1910-1912 years16. Walking in the free part of the City Garden, adjacent to the walls of the prison, they repeatedly exchanged with enclosed conventional signs17. Maria Kashmenskaya, being in Moscow, reported living in Orel Vera Uvarova about some prisoners, intending to organize the transfer of letters to them18. In September 1914, through the former

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