What does coursework mean in a resume

The core of the group was young people7 who arrived in the city at the beginning of war. They initially had a strong motivation to continue their revolutionary activities, regardless of local conditions, from which the efficiency of their enterprises depended. Mainly group activities expressed in the desire for more frequent meetings with each other her participants and in the device small home meetings in the apartment Zakharova8 They attended theater together. Girls walked on the main the streets of the city and in the City Garden, visited confectioneries, went together for shopping at the bazaar. Over time, between the members of the group began to line up a certain system of relationships. So, most often Visited in his bookstore, for a walk went with; of the other members of the circle, she most often saw Mark (whom she soon married). After the revolution Married Alexander and Fan. Yes, and Ivan in 1915 year he married an assistant distribution hospital 9 During the meetings, the participants in the group, of course, exchanged literature and discussed serious political issues, but the group’s activities specific program. There was a large proportion of them in their association. informal private relations between people united by a common the civic stance against government’s rejection10, giving them hue of exclusivity. On the military issue looks mug revolutionary youth were less defined11.

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