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Although Orthodox refugees prevailedamong therefugees whoarrived inthe province farmers, by occupation, yet they were different fromthe indigenouspopulation habits, and sometimes even language and faith. This circumstance created prerequisites for the emergence of separation into “ours, ours” and “aliens”. but in the Oryol province there was no direct confrontation between refugees and resident population. Sources of different departmental affiliation point to different nuances of refugee perception by the indigenous population. By According to the police, the attitude of the locals towards the refugees was quite calm, sympathetic and benevolent throughout the province81. Gendarme employees noted the friction between migrants and indigenous on emotional grounds: refugees reproached locals for rudeness, the latter, in turn, accused the refugees of increased the need for attention and care about yourself. The local population recognized very beneficial and fair active voluntary participation of refugees in agricultural work, especially in 1916, when the lack of labor Strength has become palpable in most farms83. Some frictions occurred during the resettlement of refugees in rural areas. local peasant huts, conducted by the police. Sub-settlement yet one completely foreign family to a single dwelling not could not create tensions between the hosts and the “guests”,

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