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In general, the meeting came to the conclusion that to combat absenteeism and misconduct against military discipline Existing penalties are ineffective. Meeting found desirable corporal punishment in serious cases of violation disciplines to which unauthorized abandonment was unconditionally counted parts. The meeting also noted that the premises existing in Orel the guardhouse is not enough to put all the guilty there, which is why the commandant of the city of Orel sometimes releases the detainees immediately upon acceptance67. In early November 1915, the commander of the garrison of the city of Orel, General Lt. Burov, was transferred to the Turkestan Military District, and duties passed to the commander of the 9th infantry reserve brigade.

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Although Orthodox refugees prevailedamong therefugees whoarrived inthe province farmers, by occupation, yet they were different fromthe indigenouspopulation habits, and sometimes even language and faith. This circumstance created prerequisites for the emergence of separation into “ours, ours” and “aliens”. but in the Oryol province there was no direct confrontation between refugees and resident population. Sources of different departmental affiliation point to different nuances of refugee perception by the indigenous population. By According to the police, the attitude of the locals towards the refugees was quite calm, sympathetic and benevolent throughout the province81. Gendarme employees noted the friction between migrants and indigenous on emotional grounds: refugees reproached locals for rudeness, the latter, in turn, accused the refugees of increased the need for attention and care about yourself. The local population recognized very beneficial and fair active voluntary participation of refugees in agricultural work, especially in 1916, when the lack of labor Strength has become palpable in most farms83. Some frictions occurred during the resettlement of refugees in rural areas. local peasant huts, conducted by the police. Sub-settlement yet one completely foreign family to a single dwelling not could not create tensions between the hosts and the “guests”,

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The core of the group was young people7 who arrived in the city at the beginning of war. They initially had a strong motivation to continue their revolutionary activities, regardless of local conditions, from which the efficiency of their enterprises depended. Mainly group activities expressed in the desire for more frequent meetings with each other her participants and in the device small home meetings in the apartment Zakharova8 They attended theater together. Girls walked on the main the streets of the city and in the City Garden, visited confectioneries, went together for shopping at the bazaar. Over time, between the members of the group began to line up a certain system of relationships. So, most often Visited in his bookstore, for a walk went with; of the other members of the circle, she most often saw Mark (whom she soon married). After the revolution Married Alexander and Fan. Yes, and Ivan in 1915 year he married an assistant distribution hospital 9 During the meetings, the participants in the group, of course, exchanged literature and discussed serious political issues, but the group’s activities specific program. There was a large proportion of them in their association. informal private relations between people united by a common the civic stance against government’s rejection10, giving them hue of exclusivity. On the military issue looks mug revolutionary youth were less defined11.

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Ivan Zakharov attempted to get a job at the Kursk Depot Moscow-Kursk railway to guarantee themselves from conscription. He was refused due to receipt of the Oryol gendarme police

adverse information. Talking about it working with him in the factory Khrushchev, Zakharov showed extreme bitterness against the officials gendarme surveillance 15. Members of the United Group tried to connect with political prisoners in the Oryol correctional prison Branch and in the Oryol convict prison. Relationship with the Oryol Province the prison was kept through the prison priest Fr. Boris Igritsky still with since the conclusion of Musatov, held in the case of the Oryol organization RSDLP 1910-1912 years16. Walking in the free part of the City Garden, adjacent to the walls of the prison, they repeatedly exchanged with enclosed conventional signs17. Maria Kashmenskaya, being in Moscow, reported living in Orel Vera Uvarova about some prisoners, intending to organize the transfer of letters to them18. In September 1914, through the former

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At the end of 1915, the Oryol revolutionaries had the idea to enter The composition of the legal “Society of intelligent entertainment”, bringing together around him its activities. They succeeded in the beginning of 1916. Society suited amateur dramatic performances, vocal and musical evenings, and in mid-February, a lecture was given by an employee of the “Russian Vedomosti ”E.D. Lumps “Iskachi and pushers” about the high cost of life. Summer 1916 The Society rented a city garden, to the pleasure of intellectuals replacing the military brass band with symphonic string21. No more activity “Society of reasonable entertainment” itself manifested22. The other side of the group was the exchange of literature revolutionary content. In September 1914, Musatov was received

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